The positive side of conflict

Nothing drags down the function of any group the way interpersonal conflict can. Even if you can get that one skirmish resolved, does the team have the skills to future issues that will come up?

Well-handled conflict can lead to positive outcomes, such as:

  • New solutions to old problems

  • A better understanding of one another.

  • A common language that helps to increase customer satisfaction

  • Lowered tension in the office

  • High team engagement

The Restorative Workplace teaches skills that promote strong, friendly and honest relationships that allow everyone to work at the top of their game.  Help your team solve their own issues instead of taking them to management.

We can help you improve the cultural climate in your organization.
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Call us when your business is experiencing

• A need to be proactive about coming conflicts

• Poor communication between management and workforce

• Minor interpersonal issues that consume leadership’s time and energy need Administrative facilitation

• Low morale

• High level conflict among staff

• Cultural insensitivity

• Discrimination

• Poor or slack performance

• Employee misconduct

• Workplace bullying

• Sexual harassment

• A growing or merged workforce needs a common language and mutual expectations

Conflict is Coming

Likely, if you look carefully, it’s already there in some form.
We can help your organization become a healthier place to work.

Be the leader of a team that knows how to root out problems while they are still manageable.

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The Restorative Workplace is a Sargent Center initiative.